Special solutions

Special solutions need special service

Special solutions in exhaust gas technology are often required so that exhaust gas systems can be adapted to the structural conditions on site. We produce special transition pieces, boiler connections and other moulds according to your needs.

For industrial buildings, however, free-standing chimney systems are often also required. Each steel chimney is individually adjusted to meet the requirements of the building project. The number and dimensions of the mainly internal exhaust gas lines as well as the design of the outer sheath can be determined by the customer.        

Innovative solutions, even for problem jobs within the scope of completing the contract make VOGEL&NOOT a flexible, high-performance and reliable partner for its customers. VOGEL&NOOT works with the company Pointner in Austria and Germany on all large projects for free-standing chimney and exhaust systems. 


Our long-term partner for special solutions.

Ing. Klaus Pointner GmbH

Doktor-Water-Waizer-Strasse 14
A-6130 Schwaz


+43 (0) 5242 639490



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In Europe, more than 40% of the CO2 emissions are caused by buildings. To update the whole heating system is one of the most important measures, to protect our environment sustainable.

cf. Prof. Rainer Hirschberg , VDI Nachrichten, Aachen 2006