Stapler system

A particularly flexible underfloor heating solution.

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The FLOORTEC Stapler System offers outstandingly flexible underfloor heating. It comprises a helpfully definedlaying matrix in 50 mm steps and is tacked exactly and quickly with u-clips to the noise insulation layer below.

The FLOORTEC Stapler System is also a top quality noise and thermal insulation. Integrated textile tape gives the insulation an extremely tight hold on the heating pipe fixture and also ensures great access and high impact resistance during the installationwork. The heating pipe work is fixed in place in the insulation layer using a special staple nail anchorage system. The FLOORTEC Stapler System is ideal for fast and easy floor installations even for the biggest areas.

Your benefit: the FLOORTEC Stapler System components are all matched perfectly to each other and guarantee a standardized precise custom-fit stapled installation.  

Technical information

The underfloor heating systems manufactured by VOGEL&NOOT meet the internationally recognised DIN quality standards and the manufacturing processes at all of the production sites have been ISO certified. Beside that, we are members of renowned branch-specific associations.

quality marks and memberships

System design

system design stapled system

System design in rooms with similar use

system design stapled system

System design in rooms with different use

system design stapled system

System design In rooms towards outdoor air

system design stapled system

Consecutive laying of the elements and insulation

consecutive laying stapled system

Cross joint laying of the elements and insulation

cross joint laying stapled system

Options for mounting the heat pipe

FLOORTEC stapled system


A) Meander

B) Spiral with separate border zone

C) Spiral

D) Spiral with integrated border zone


Complete System Guarantee

The components of the FLOORTEC Stapler System are specially designed to be compatible with one another and guarantee custom-fit assembly, in accordance with the standards, using the stapler.

Complete System Guarantee

10-year guarantee. Maximum reliability in planning, installation and operation.

The Floortec complete underfloor heating systems from Vogel & Noot, with components that complement one another perfectly, are clearly superior to any system you could put together yourself. Planners, installers and users benefit from a new guarantee of simple fitting, outstanding service and safe operation for many years.

Have a look downwards for more information on underfloor heating systems with components that complement one another perfectly together with the complete system guarantee.

10-Year Guarantee

Complete System Guarantee

With FLOORTEC Complete Systems from Vogel&Noot, responsibility is clearly defined.

• Full guarantee claims for fitters
• Clearly defined legal relationships instead of high personal liability
• 10 year warranty covering damage of up to 1 million euros 

Cost Effectiveness

Complete System Guarantee

The Complete Underfloor Heating System under the FLOORTEC brand is much more economical than self-assembly components.

• Efficiency from Day 1
• No catches during installation
• Years of perfect operation

System Diversity

Complete System Guarantee

The 6 FLOORTEC Underfloor Heating Systems can all be combined with each other for different users without a problem.

• Maximum flexibility though 6 FLOORTEC systems
• Compatible with each other
• Can be used with radiators using TWINTEC


Complete System Guarantee

During the various installation and work phases, a clear distinction between trades is achieved in FLOORTEC systems.

• Avoid errors at all installation phases
• The right components at the right time
• Correct amounts and execution

Ease of Installation

Complete Systeme Guarantee

The underfloor heating systems undergo rigorous checks in almost every conceivable situation, and have been optimised for maximum efficiency and freedom from defects.

• No issues with compatibility
• System-tested components optimised for efficiency
• Maximum installation quality and economy


Complete System Guarantee

All components are perfectly adapted to each other.

• Optimum component compatibility
• Comprehensive system harmony
• Extremely low service requirements

Technical Documentation

Complete System Guarantee

The FLOORTEC systems are documented electronically and on paper with complete records.

• Simple to verify, electronically and on paper
• Optimum reliability thanks to complete data sets
• All tender requirements satisfied

Quality Marks

Complete System Guarantee

The FLOORTEC Complete Underfloor Heating Systems are continuously being assessed for their high quality by independent international institutions and testing facilities.

• Guarantee for all usage conditions
• Premium quality from VOGEL&NOOT
• Verified by independent institutions

Technological advance

Complete System Guarantee

As a leading innovator, VOGEL&NOOT offers cutting-edge heating technology for thermal comfort coupled with climate protection.

• High-tech inside
• Guaranteed as State-of-the-art

Support Service

Complete System Guarantee

Questions arise in many construction projects but with the complete systems guarantee, experienced experts are on hand to answer these.

• Rapid availability and uncomplicated handling
• Technical support from our product experts
• Individual, personalised advice

Training Service

Complete System Guarantee

For new products or new components, as well as new users, Vogel&Noot provides extremely helpful training.

• For new products
• For new users
• Comprehensive and specific to your requirements

Conuslation Service

Complete System Guarantee

From planning, to installation, right through to after sales service, we are ready to answer any tricky questions for you personally.

• Comprehensive customer service
• An expert always on hand
• Swift and definitive solutions

The FLOORTEC Stapler system also provides high-quality footfall sound and thermal insulation. Thanks to the integrated woven fabric, the insulation can rely on the extreme holding power of the heating pipe holders and the good accessibility and walk-on stability provided during assembly. The heating pipes are attached by means of special heating pipe holders that are inserted into the insulation using a stapler. Thanks to the FLOORTEC Stapler system, underfloor heating can be laid quickly and easily, even on large surfaces.



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