Quick heating and simple installation

Technical information

Product benefits

Flexible solution:
The new iVECTOR is mainly used in the housing area, i.e. in places where you need a high level of flexibility, especially for renovated buildings, high performance, superior comfort and cost-efficiency.
It can either be used as a stand-alone unit or even integrated in a centrally controlled system (for building automation).

Quick heating and simple installation:
Due to the very low water content, the new iVECTOR works extremely quickly and is highly efficient. Conventional convectors are much more inert and provide lower efficiency. Thanks to its compact casing, the iVECTOR is very easy to install.

Smart control with your smartphone:
The iVECTOR is suitable for being integrated into modern building management systems like no other convector and can be controlled centrally. It also offers individual access to control and programming options on the intuitive LCD display. In summer it can even operate as cooling device for cooling down rooms effectively without the need for an air-conditioning system.

iVector - convector fan

Overview of models

Dimensions 2- and 4-tube-Model

iVector - 2 tube model

 Length  800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600
 Hight  600
 Depth  153

Technical information

2 - tube model

Measurements and connections 2-tube-Model:

iVector - 2 tube model

4 - tube-model

Measurements and connections 4-tube-Model:

iVector - 4 tube model


Condensate pump set:
230 V condensate pump set including mounting clamps, floating switch and 1,5 m of tube for condensate draining 


Valve set:
¾“ internal thread of valve casing and 24V actuator




Download our new VDI-Dataset "Radiators and Fanconvectors" from the BDH-Portal.



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