Control components

Control components

For the most efficient operation, we offer a wide range of perfectly matched control components.

Infrared remote control

Infrared remote control / PER-04-DO

LCD ambient temperature controller

LCD ambient temperature controller / PER-03

Room thermostat

Room thermostat / PPT-02

Room thermostat

Room thermostat / PPT-01

Thermal adjusting drive

Thermal adjusting drive / PTP-01

Thermostatic adjusting drive

Thermostatic adjusting drive  / PTH-01

Radiator valves

Radiator valve / PTV-01 / PTV-02

Manual speed switch

Manual speed switch / PSP01


Here you can download all relevant data for the control components as pdf-files.


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Manfred Lechner

"Large glass surfaces are important design elements for designing living rooms in an open way which makes use of natural light. Invisible heating systems are the perfect products here to ensure that the utmost aesthetic and heating requirements are met, even in cold times of the year."

Manfred Lechner, Designer