The symbol for optimum energy efficiency

The eco-symbol

The ECO seal of approval for VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators indicates their compatibility with all (renewable) energy sources and is therefore proof of their economically and ecologically effi cient heat emission.

Panel radiators cover a very wide range of flow temperatures, whereby compatibility with all energy sources is possible.

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Reduction in energy costs
Test results from the renowned Pinkafield University of Applied Sciences show that, by replacing outdated sectional radiators with new VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators, an average potential saving of 15 % can be attained.

CO2 reduction
Due to the broad compatibility with energy sources and the reduced energy consumption, VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators make a positive contribution to climate protection.

Pre-adjusted valves

"VOGEL&NOOT’s valve radiators are factory-preadjusted to create further increases in the energy efficiency of heat dissipation."

Ing. Peter Doppelreiter, Product Group Leader Steel Panel Radiators