• Aluminium diffusion plates
• Easy installation system
• Excellent system response time

Suspended floor systems include joisted floors as well as solid floors with battens fixed to the floor.

Suspended floor systems include both joisted floors with conventional joists supported on end walls of sleeper walls as well as solid floos with battens fixed to the floor. The underfloor heating system consists of aluminium diffusion plates fitted between joists or battens. These are grooved to accept the underfloor heating pipework. The aluminium is used for its excellent thermal conduction as well as its low weight. The floor void is insulated with either loose fill air movement in this void is reduced to a minimum otherwise excess heat loss from the underfloor heating pipework will occur.

Plates sizes available for standard 400mm centres or 600mm centre joists. Plates can be easily cut into shape for irregular sized joists.


VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC Plated systems can be used ideally with a timber suspended floor or by crossbattening your floor. An aluminium plate is used to conduct the heat from the pipework and distribute it across the floor. Aluminium is used for its excellent thermal conduction as well as its low weight.


Dr. Michael Graf

“We have created various replacement scenarios in which a radiator replacement is carried out. With VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators, an average saving of approximately 15 % was recorded.”

DI Dr. Michael Graf  is professor on the renowned technical college in Pinkafeld, Austria.