Quality marks and certificates

Quality as a sign of maximum safety

The radiators manufactured by VOGEL&NOOT meet numerous internationally recognised quality standards and the manufacturing processes at all of the production sites have been ISO certified.

Furthermore, the quality and performance data of VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators are constantly reviewed and confirmed by accredited European institutions. VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators have also been awarded the seal of approval of the German Committee for Terms and Conditions of Sale (RAL), which documents the special quality of the product compared with many other radiator manufacturers.

For architects, designers and builders, the RAL seal of approval for VOGEL&NOOT radiators symbolises the high quality of the product in the areas of processing and handling. These quality assessments, which are controlled by independent institutions, vouch for the enduring safety and long life of service of the product.

Our customers know that with each product, they can expect excellent properties in terms of the material, surface condition and durability. VOGEL&NOOT radiators thus exceed many requirements and outperform numerous standards (such as, for instance, the European Standard EN 442 or the CE marking).

  • RAL
  • oe_norm_442
  • TÜV
  • CE
  • Euronorm 442
  • Die neue Wärme

A perfected manufacturing process guarantees the best performances with precise welding, reliable leak-testing and glossy surface treatment - safety combined with a fantastic visual appearance!