• Plastic PeX-a Pipework   
• Multilayer pipework 
• Suitable for all fixing systems

FLOORTEC provides a range of pipework to suit your needs.

PEX-A (14MM & 17MM)


VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC underfloor heating ppework confirms to DIN4726 and BS7291-1:2001.  It is a high density cross linked polyethylene pipe with an integral oxygen barrier, and is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 25 years.  BS7291-1_2001 requires a minimum operational life of 50 years.

Technical Data

  Value Unit
Dimensions 17 x 2 Mn
Linear expansion coefficient at 20 °C 1,4 · 10-4 L/k
Thermal conductivity 0,35 W/mk
Max. design operating temperature 90 °C
Malfunction operating temperature 100 °C
Max. operating pressure 6 bar °C
Minimum bending radius 5.dn m



Underfloor heating pipework, oxygen-tight in accordance with DN4726, made of polyethylene octene copolymer PE-RT, co-extrusion with O2 boundary layer, DIN CERTCO, wall thickness and outer diameter as well as wall thickness 100% in line tested.  Pipe construction manufactured in accordance with DIN 16833.

Technical Data

  Value Unit
Dimensions 16 x 2 mm
Linear expansion coefficient 0,026 mm/m*k
Thermal conductivity 0,43 m2k/w
Max. operating temperature 95 °C
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Water content in l/m 0,113 l/m
Minimum bending radius 5 · d mm
Dr. Michael Graf

“We have created various replacement scenarios in which a radiator replacement is carried out. With VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators, an average saving of approximately 15 % was recorded.”

DI Dr. Michael Graf  is professor on the renowned technical college in Pinkafeld, Austria.