• Unique Vogel & Noot Controls
• UK symbols on thermostat display
• Available as wired or wireless

FLOORTEC offers a wide range of controls to suit all applications.

The VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC actuator is used for optimum control of valves on underfloor heating manifold curcuits.

The actuator mechanism uses a PTC resistor heated electric element and a compression spring.  The wax element is heated by applying the power which moves the integrated pin.  The force generated by the movement is transferred on the valve lifter and thus opens and closes the valve.

The actuator has a 360oC display on the top of the head which identifies the operating position at a glance.

Product Codes

50143 - 24V Actuator
50140 - 240V Actuator

General Information

1 x Actuator Head
1 x Locking Ring
1 x 1 metre cable

Technical Data

Type A4004 normall closed
Voltage 24V AC/DC
Max. inrush current 250mA during 2 min max.
Operating current 75mA
Operating power 1,8W
Closing and opening times Approx. 3 min
Rating IP54
CE Conformity EN 60730
Housing/Housing Colour Polyamide/grey
Weight 100g with 1m connecting cable
Connectin cable/length 2 x 0,75mm2 PVC, white 11m

24V Wiring Centre

  • 24v supply/internal transformer
  • 24v to room room thermostats and actuators
  • Can control up to 10 heating thermostats
  • Can controls up to 12 actuators
  • Supplied with pump and boiler relay as well as connections for channel input

230V Wiring Centre

  • 230v supply
  • 230v supply to room thermostats and actuators
  • Can control up to 10 heating thermostats
  • Can controls up to 12 actuators
  • Supplied with pump and boiler relay as well as connections for channel input

Wireless Base Unit

  • 230v supply
  • Can control up to 20 actuators and 6 room thermostats
  • Units can be joined together for larger applications
  • To be used alongside the wireless room thermostats - 50576

Product Codes

50599 - 24V Wiring Centre
50598 - 230V Wiring Centre
50574 - Wireless Base Unit

Option 1 - MRTE Electronic Room Thermostat

  • Upmarket electronic thermostat
  • Attractive slimline design
  • Clear, accurate LCD display
  • No neutral, two wire connection
  • Displays actual temperature
  • Use alongside our 24V wiring centre

Option 2 - Wireless Thermostat

  • No external wiring connection
  • 30 metre spherical tranmission range
  • Ambient temperature 0-50oC
  • One thermostat can control several loops
  • Temperature scale 10-30oC +/-2K
  • Battery service life - minimum 5 years
  • Use alongside or Wireless Base Unit

Option 3 - MPRT - Programmable Room Thermostat

  • Smart Start technology
  • Easy to program with three adjustable temperature settings
  • 2 in 1 programmable thermostat 24 hour or 7 day 
  • Backlit display with eay to follow instructions
  • One hour high temperature boost button
  • All 24 hour temperature settings shown on display
  • Volt free 2 wire connection, ideal for combination boilers
  • Holiday override 1-99 days
  • Use alongside our 24V wiring centre

Option 4 - MPRT RF Programmable Room Thermostat

  • Exactly as Option 3 but the following additions
  • Wireless, radio frequency connections
  • Stand - program from your armchair and locate thermostat wherever you wish

Also available.....................

VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC are also able to supply a 24V dial thermostat which can be used with an external floor sensor.  The floor sensor overrides the room temperature setting on the front of the thermostat.

Manifold Control Centre

Underfloor heating requires water flow temperatures of approximately 35oC to 55oC dependent upon the design, heat loading and type of system used.  The system should be balanced to achieve an approximate temperature differential of between 8oC and 10oC measured between the flow and return pipes.

The VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC Manifold Control Centre mixes return water from the underfloor heating with flow water from the primary pipework.  The mixed temperature is controlled at a constant temperature and the proportions of flow and return water are varied accordingly.  Mixing is undertaken in a three port mixing valve, incorporating a thermo-electrical valve controller.  The MCC provides temperature controlled mixed water to an underfloor heating system with a heat pump up to 14kW.

The MCC is a lightweight compact unit which has been designed to connect directly onto a VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC manifold without the need for extra brackets or support.


The VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC underfloor heating manifold is the central point to most underfloor heating systems.  The manifold is responsible for distributing mixed water provided by the MCC to each heating curcuit. 

The VOGEL & NOOT FLOORTEC manifold is supplied pre-assembled with flow meters fitted as standard.  Our manifolds are also supplied with all of the relevant fittings in one box:-

  • Automatic air vent
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pipe bend supports
  • Manifold couplings

Product Codes

50803 - Manifold Control Centre

50302MY - 2 Port Manifold
50303MY - 3 Port Manifold
50304MY - 4 Port Manifold
50305MY - 5 Port Manifold
50306MY - 6 Port Manifold
50307MY - 7 Port Manifold
50308MY - 8 Port Manifold
50309MY - 9 Port Manifold
50310MY - 10 Port Manifold
50311MY - 11 Port Manifold
50312MY - 12 Port Manifold

MEP1C Programmer

  • Can be set for 24hr, 5/2 day or 7 day operation
  • Easy to read, backlit screen
  • Pre-set clock
  • Automatic summer/winter time change
  • Memory saver - programmer and clock will not require resetting in the event of power loss
  • Advanced and up to 3 hour extend features
  • Supplied as standard for options 1 & 2
Dr. Michael Graf

“We have created various replacement scenarios in which a radiator replacement is carried out. With VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators, an average saving of approximately 15 % was recorded.”

DI Dr. Michael Graf  is professor on the renowned technical college in Pinkafeld, Austria.