heating through innovation

VOGEL&NOOT- is a multi-national enterprise with the widest range of products in the field of innovative heat emission.

Flexible underfloor heating Intelligent heat emission

Added value with state-of-the-art low-temperature radiators.

Mehrwert mit modernen Niedrigtemperatur-Heizkörpern

Lots of advantages for efficient heat emission combined with the highest degree of comfort.


T6 sells

Decisive advantages with the T6.
T6 sells ECO
  • Assembly advantage

    The pipework can be laid in advance without the radiator to allow undisturbed progress of work.

    Assembly advantage
    Assembly advantage
  • Connection advantage

    Diagonal or in-line connection via a standardised connection position.

    T6 Abstände
    Connection advantage
  • Selection advantage

    Even if the pipework is laid in advance, the choice of radiator can be changed at any time.

    Selection advantage
    Selection advantage
  • Positioning advantage

    Flexible thermostat position as desired, thanks to patented pipe guides.

    Positioning advantage
    Positioning advantage
  • Installation advantage

    Cost-effective, attractive and safe installation options without limitations.

    Installation advantage
    Installation advantage
  • Distance advantage

    Flexible choice of models with a standardised distance between the connection and the wall.

    T6-distance advantage
    Distance advantage